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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fortnite Gets You Paid

You can be a world champ in Fortnite and will 3 million dollars.


STATE OF THE CYCLONES. Returning offensive line will be the key for Iowa State.

DAVID MONTGOMERY UP TO NO GOOD. Montgomery is up to his usual first tactics at Bears camp.

BUTLER IS IMPRESSING. Early report out of Arizona is Hakeem Butler is starting to impress.

CAN’T TAKE ME ALIVE! Trevor Bauer was made he had to come out so he tossed the ball over the fence, from the pitchers mound.

METS GUNNA MET? The Mets made a bizarre trade for Stroman yesterday.

LOOK AWAY SAINTS FANS. This is how the last few playoff runs have ended for the Saints.

16 YEAR OLD MILLIONAIRE! A 16 year old was crowned Fortnite world champ yesterday and won 3 million dollars in the process. Sign me up for that.