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Recruit Scouting Report: Leonard Glass

A small, but quick player.

Next up in our recruit scouting report series is an athlete named Leonard Glass. The 5’9, 173 pound player from Fresno, California enrolled at Iowa State on June 17th.

Glass is listed as the 92nd best athlete on 247sports, which means that he can play a lot of positions. The word around the football program is that Glass will be playing receiver, but it’s still possible that he could play a little bit of running back. Glass will almost certainly be helping out on special teams during his first year at Iowa State.


Leonard Glass is a very shifty and quick ball carrier. Once he gets the ball in the field he has the ability to blow by a defender or make him miss with a wide variety of jukes. Glass will no doubt be a very exciting player to watch once he gets the ball.


This play is an excellent display of the tremendous speed that Glass has. This play is just a simple counter where Glass beats every defender to the edge of the field, once he gets to the edge, he cuts up field and blows everyone away. Once he has one defender to beat, Glass uses a nasty cut to make the defensive back miss.

This is another play where Glass gets bounced outside. It appears that he won’t be able to make anything out of the play, mainly because he’s trapped along the sideline with several defenders in the area. Instead, he finds a way to make an acrobatic play to jump into the end zone using his insane athleticism.

This is the final play that I’m going to break down from the backfield, but this is the third part of his running game; power. Glass shows off his speed to break through the line and into the secondary, but instead of using a juke to make the last defender miss, he runs him over. I’ve seen speed, quickness, elusiveness, and power in Glass’ game, all of which will make him a dangerous player.

Glass was lined up as a receiver on this play, which is where we will see him most next season. He was matched up against a bigger defender, so he used a jab step to create separation. Once he beat the linebacker, he ran a fade route towards the sideline and made a great over the shoulder catch. This was probably the best route I saw while I was watching Glass’ film.

This is a brilliant play that was drawn up by Glass’ high school coach. It’s a zone coverage, so the coach designed a route where Glass could just slip in between the five defenders in the area. The quarterback overthrows it by a bit, but Glass goes up and makes a great catch. This play really shows the hands that Glass has. If he keeps this up at Iowa State, he will be a deadly weapon all over the field.

Player Comparison

I think that Leonard Glass has the chance to be a Kene Nwangwu-type of player. He has the ability to play both running back and wide receiver, all while being deadly on special teams. Much like Kene, Glass is extremely fast and quick while using a huge variety of jukes and jabs. Iowa State will probably use Glass in a very similar role of a hybrid between the slot and the backfield and I’m here for it.


Like I said above, I think that Glass will be a very deadly player if he’s used in a hybrid role. He has the ability to take a counter and bounce around the outside, run a fade route, or catch a screen pass. He really is a do-it-all back, and Tom Manning will have a blast implementing him into the offense.

Final Verdict

I’ve already stated it numerous times, but Leonard Glass is lethal. I think that he could be a candidate to have his redshirt burned, as the coaching staff may seem him as too explosive to keep off the field.

Whether he is a vital part in the offense or on special teams, I think he’s a player that we will hear a lot from this upcoming year and for years to come.