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The Mid-Morning Dump: Warm Summer, Hot Takes


ESPN FPI ESPN projects Iowa State to have a 7.9-4.4 season, with Iowa State having 10/12 games have a win projection > 50%.

RUFFLED FEATHERS Karl Weierstrass, the father of modern analysis, once said “A Mathematician who is not also something of a poet will never be a complete mathematician.” I’m not saying I’m a mathematician, but I am taking a statistics course this summer so I know a thing or two about numbers now.

TACKO CRAWL Naz Mitrou-Long got boxed out by Tacko Fall last night.

HOME RUN HOLY DERBY Guerrero vs. Pederson was an instant classic, and for those of you, like me, that missed it, here’s a recap.

MISS THE WORLD CUP? Keep up with your favorites, and how to do so, here!

NOUS AIMONS LE TOUR DE FRANCE! Keep an eye out for CyHusker who might find himself in France’s version of RAGBRAI, which, here’s a super informational article about what I’m calling FABRAF (France’s Annual Bike Ride Across France).