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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fall Camp Starts Today

EDSBS says goodbye.

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JUCROOTS Matthew Bain dishes on Iowa’s best JUCO recruits, including a few that Iowa State is keeping their eye on.

REGULAR CROOTS Here’s where Iowa State stands with the 2020 football class after a busy summer.

ALMOST THERE Camp starts today, so here are a few things you need to keep an ear on from the the various soundbites you’ll hear coming out of practice.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES ICYMI, I hopped on the Longhorn Republic podcast to give Texas fans a preview of Iowa State this season.

TRADES GALORE Yesterday was MLB’s trade deadline, so here’s a recap of every move that happened yesterday.

MONEY MONEY MONEY Michael Thomas is reportedly set to become the highest-paid wide receiver in NFL history.

BEST CLASSES OF THE DECADE The mothership analyzed the best basketball recruiting classes of the last decade.

EDSBS SB Nation’s iconic blog Every Day Should Be Saturday is officially done, as its staff will be moving on to a new project.

BANNER SOCIETY What is this new project, you ask?