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The Mid Morning Dump: It’s Preview Season

Our third to last weekend without Cyclone football!

CAMP STARS Our pal, Jared Stansbury, takes a look at five players who have stood out at fall camp.

WE ARE EXCITED If this video doesn’t get you hyped, you probably aren’t as excited for football as we are.

WE AREN’T IN HILTON ANYMORE The basketball team is in a different Coliseum.

DRAMA This better be on Hard Knocks.

THREE?! Simone Biles landed a triple flip and I’ve watched this 100 times because I can’t believe it’s real.

UPSET Regular season upsets in the MLB don’t seem like a big deal, but this Orioles win over the Astros was one of the biggest ever.

PRO WRESTLING I don’t follow this but everyone on my timeline does, so here is a cool body slam?