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Cyclones ranked 20th in preseason SB Nation FanPulse poll

Iowa State cracks the top-20 in the first poll created by you, the fans.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks ago, we posted a signup for SB Nation’s new FanPulse Poll, which allows the fans to actually vote on their own top-25 for the college football season. Each team site has their own poll as well, so we’ll be able to contrast the opinion of WRNL readers to the rest of the country. Let’s take a look at the first national preseason poll.

First and foremost, IOWA BEING RANKED AHEAD OF IS A TRAVESTY or probably a product of the average coastal fan not really paying attention much to the Big 12 and siding with a more familiar name. Otherwise, there isn’t a ton in this poll that’s overly surprising, as it reflects the Coaches Poll fairly closely.

Let’s contrast the poll from WRNL readers to the national poll.

FanPulse Preseason Polls

Rank National Poll WRNL Readers
Rank National Poll WRNL Readers
1 Clemson Clemson
2 Alabama Alabama
3 Georgia Georgia
4 Oklahoma Oklahoma
5 Ohio State Ohio State
6 Michigan Michigan
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame
8 Florida Florida
9 Texas Texas
10 LSU Texas A&M
11 Texas A&M Oregon
12 Oregon Washington
13 Washington LSU
14 Penn State Penn State
15 Utah UCF
16 UCF Utah
17 Wisconsin Iowa State
18 Auburn Wisconsin
19 Iowa Auburn
20 Iowa State Northwestern
21 Northwestern Iowa
22 Miami Miami
23 Michigan State Michigan State
24 Nebraska Nebraska
25 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
Also Receiving Votes Also Receiving Votes
Washington State Oklahoma State
Syracuse Washington State
Boise State Boise State
Stanford Baylor
Army Minnesota
Mississippi State
Oklahoma State

So what did we learn here?

  1. We like Iowa State more than other people. Shocker.
  2. We apparently have something against LSU. WRNL readers moved the Tigers from 10th to 13th while leaving the 11-13 teams in the same exact order.
  3. We’re petty as hell when it comes to Iowa. Not only did we rank Iowa lower than the national poll, we made sure to put Northwestern ahead of them. I’ve never been more proud of you guys.

Keep an eye out for this weekly poll throughout the season so you can see why WRNL readers are infinitely smarter than the rest of the country.