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The Mid-Morning Dump: Getting Closer Edition

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Also, three cheers for MBB for its win in Rome!

IT’S GETTING REAL Re-al Mitchell is settling in to his role as backup QB.

CAN’T WAIT National outlets are also taking notice of the most anticipated season in ISU football history.

GAMEDAY? Uncle Randy looks at the very real possibility of College Gameday coming to Ames.

HIGHLY ANTICIPATED CBS Sports looks at which team in Iowa will be better this season.

ROME-ING AROUND The ISU men’s basketball team beat the Netherlands 94-77 last night.

WATCH WHAT YOU SAY Ohio State is seeking a trademark on the word ‘The.’

THAT’S NOT HOW TO BASEBALL A bloop single temporary caused the Angels to forget how to field.

POP SPEAKS Gregg Popovich praised Colin Kaepernick for being patriotic.

HOT TAKE Should MLB relegate the worst teams in baseball?