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The Mid Morning Dump: My Cubs Suck Edition

Hakeem and Lazard were also in action last night.

WHEN IN ROME Iowa State dominated the Siena All-Stars 94-40 while in Italy.

GIVE HIM A CONTRACT! If Allen Lazard hasn’t already earned himself an NFL contract, he’s getting pretty close.

NOTHING FROM HAKEEM Former Iowa State receiver didn’t have a memorable NFL debut.

HAKEEM’S HEIR Tarique Milton has the best potential to be the next big wide receiver at Iowa State according to Randy Peterson.

CHOKE The Cubs blew a 5-0 late lead and are in absolute disarray thanks to a walk-off grand slam by Bryce Harper.

HOORAY Sports Gambling opened in Iowa yesterday, bet safely everyone.

GET WELL BOOGIE Demarcus Cousins has another torn ACL, we hope nothing but the best so he can get back to a high level.

SAME FOR DALE JR. The Earnhardt family was involved in a plane crash, but thankfully everyone is alright.