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Iowa State’s Remaining 2020 Defensive Targets

A few crootin’ nuggets as we approach the season.

Before the season gets underway, I wanted to share some recruiting notes I have for the 2020 class. As of right now, Iowa State has twenty commits on board for the 2020 class, and as we get closer and closer to the early signing period, there aren’t many spots left before the class fills up and it’s on to 2021. I know Iowa State is going to be targeting the defensive side more since they need more bodies there, so this is a great time to finish up my two-part series with the remaining defensive targets. I tried to keep this board as realistic as possible since not every kid that is offered is interested. So, if you don’t see a certain player, don’t freak and feel free to ask me on Twitter (@DerekDuke25) or shoot me an email ( and I will be more than happy to get the answers you need. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Weak Side Defensive End

This is another area of need for the 2020 class for the Cyclones as they have no current commits at this spot.

3-Star WDE Noah Arinze (Saint Louis, MO): Back in late May, Noah announced his top ten which consisted of Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona State, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas State, Minnesota and Iowa State. So far Noah has taken four visits, including unofficial visits to Oklahoma and Illinois , and two official visits to Minnesota and Arizona State. I haven’t heard much about Iowa State here and as of now, I don’t believe he has any plans to visit Ames just yet.

3-Star WDE Jared Ivey (Suwanee, GA): Haven’t heard much on Iowa State here. Since the year started, he has been to Georgia Tech four times. He also has visited Tennessee as well. But right now, I think Georgia Tech has a good lead in his recruitment.

3-Star WDE Jalen Logan-Redding (Columbia, MO): Jalen told me that he just simply hasn’t had enough contact with Iowa State to strongly consider them. So, at this point, he is out for the Cyclones.

3-Star WDE Jamari Stewart (Port Saint Lucie, FL): I had very little contact with Jamari, but Iowa State was never really mentioned when it came to his top schools. Right now, Miami is sitting pretty with him.

3-Star WDE Geri Theodore (Clearwater, FL): Geri has already taken three official visits as he went to Minnesota, Mercer and Indiana. I think Iowa State could potentially get one of his last couple of official visits, but I still need to dig some more. He is tough to get in contact with.

3-Star WDE Elijah Sybblis (Clearwater, FL): Elijah is in the same boat as Jalen Logan-Redding here. He hasn’t had much contact with the staff at all but if he does, he is interested in taking a visit to Ames. He could be a name to keep an eye on late if Iowa State misses out elsewhere.

Strong Side Defensive End

With 3-Star Johnny Wilson as the lone defensive end commit, I expect Iowa State to at least grab one more player out of this group.

4-Star SDE Xavier Carlton (Draper, UT): This may be a name to forget because he will wind up at a Pac-12 school without a doubt. Next.

3-Star SDE Ahkeem Mesidor (Clearwater, FL): Ahkeem told me that he was “Extremely happy” to get the offer but other than that, I didn’t get much else for him. He is certainly a name to keep an eye on.

3-Star SDE Cameron Kinnie (Suwanee, GA): Just like a few others, Cameron hasn’t heard from the staff in awhile and he told me that other schools have pulled ahead at this point.

3-Star SDE Kortlin Rausaw (Wylie, TX): I tell it like it is. I have no idea what he is thinking right now, and I don’t believe anyone besides Kortlin knows either. I have had contact with him in person but none after meeting him back in the spring. He seemed to have interest back then, but I have no clue if that is still the case. Iowa State was one of his first power five offers, but he has still yet to visit anywhere.

3-Star SDE James Thompson Jr. (Cincinnati, OH): Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin. Did I mention Wisconsin?

Defensive Tackle

Another area of need for the 2020 class as the Cyclones don’t have any current commits here.

4-Star DT Jacolbe Cowan (Charlotte, NC): Most likely Ohio State bound so I would cross him off this list.

3-Star DT Denver Warren (Oak Lawn, IL): When I got a minute or two with Denver, he didn’t mention Iowa State as a serious contender here. Illinois and LSU are the two schools leading the way here.

3-Star DT Herbert Gums (Diboll, TX): Still wide open in his recruitment right now. I expect more offers to come his way during the season, but Iowa State is still in contention here.

3-Star DT Chidozie Nwankwo: Chidozie told me that he hasn’t heard from the staff in awhile so there isn’t much to see here. LSU, Texas Tech, Houston and Arkansas are some schools at the top of his list.

3-Star JUCO DT Kemon Smith (Blinn College): Kemon mentioned to me that Iowa State has been in some contact with him, but that Colorado State and New Mexico lead the way for him right now. However, if everything goes well, he does want to take a visit to Ames at the end of the year.

3-Star JUCO DT Latrell Bankston (Hutchinson CC): One of Iowa State’s latest 2020 offers. Latrell told me that “The offer means a lot to me because it is a Big 12 offer and Iowa State is a premier team and them knowing my potential to help a team out like this means a lot to me.” Good news is that Latrell will visit on the weekend of the Louisiana-Monroe game, and Iowa State is very high on his list right now.

DT Marcus Eason (Rancho Mirage, CA): Told me that Iowa State hasn’t been in contact with him lately and that Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Ohio, Dominican and Alabama State lead the way for him.

Inside Linebacker

All offers are committed elsewhere

Outside Linebacker

With three guys on board (Cole Pederson, Ar’Quel Smith and Hunter Zenzen), Iowa State is most likely done here.

4-Star OLB Kaden Johnson (Minneapolis, MN): It’s going to be a Wisconsin and Minnesota battle here. Iowa State remains on the outside looking in.

3-Star OLB Jesus Machado (Miami, FL): Hasn’t been in contact with the staff for awhile so probably another name to cross off.


Iowa State doesn’t have a corner committed for the 2020 class so this will be a HUGE need to wrap up the class.

3-Star CB Sammy Anderson (Dayton, OH): He told me that Iowa State remains high on his list and he does want to take a visit sometime this season but doesn’t have a date set yet.

3-Star CB Douglad Emilien (Fort Lauderdale, FL): Still wide-open right now. He went to Clemson awhile back but doesn’t have an offer from them. He could be waiting on more offers before making his decision.

3-Star CB Michal Antoine (Fort Lauderdale, FL): Michal is a guy who I have mentioned a lot before if you have seen my work. He named Iowa State in his top ten a few weeks back and will be visiting Iowa State for the first game of the season against UNI. Also, he plans on committing sometime in August, and I think he ends up a Cyclone.

3-Star CB Emmanuel Perry (Seffner, FL): I couldn’t get in contact much with Emmanuel, but it appears he will take visit for the Cy-Hawk game on September 14th. He’s very high on Iowa State’s board right next to Michal Antoine.

3-Star CB Daryl Porter (Fort Lauderdale, FL): Iowa State is way behind here. Don’t expect anything to happen for the Cyclones here.

3-Star CB Justin Anderson (Menio Park, CA): Vey high on Washington State and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

3-Star CB Christopher Townsel (Deerfield Beach, FL): He put Iowa State in his top four a while back, but I don’t think the Cyclones lead here. Still, he is someone to keep tabs on.

3-Star CB Tyson McWilliams (San Diego, CA): He told me that Iowa State remains very high on his list and that the staff keeps in constant contact with him. As of now, no plans for a visit just yet. I’ll keep you guys updated on that.

CB Colby Dempsey (Fort Lauderdale, FL): Colby told me that he is wanting to pick a school soon and that he is still working on getting his visit to Ames scheduled. Also, he wants to take a visit to USF as well.

CB Daemon Hill (Palmetto, FL): Haven’t heard much from him, but Iowa State and Kansas State are his only two power five offers. I will keep doing some digging on him.

JUCO CB Justin Harrington (Bakersfield, CA): Oregon State seems to lead the way here.


The Cyclones already have Craig McDonald, Mason Chambers and Jordyn Morgan on board so more than likely, Iowa State is done at safety for the 2020 class.