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University of Iowa to Add Kirkwood CC Championship Banners to Football Practice Facility

This move has strengthened the Admissions Partnership Program between the two schools.

For years, the University of Iowa has been hanging banners in their football practice facility to commemorate every bowl game they’ve played, regardless of whether the Hawkeyes won, lost, or were completely obliterated by Stanford in the bowl game.

However, University of Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta™ has decided to take their participation trophy case to the next level by adding the achievements of nearby Kirkwood Community College to the walls of the facility as a gesture of good faith towards the two schools’ long-standing relationship in athletics.

“It’s a great day to be a Hawkeye, even more so today than in days past. Welcome to a New Era (Pinstripe Bowl™), here at the T.J. Redding Football Practice Facility.”

T.J. Redding, the 2006 NJCAA DII Individual National Champion in men’s golf at Kirkwood was amazed by the honor. “This truly is a home run (am I allowed to say that? Iowa has an all-time head-to-head losing record to Iowa State in baseball and have been to one less College World Series) of a move by Barta™, I can’t think of an AD more deserving of an extension until 2024.”

Beyond commemorating the football practice facility to the Eagle’s champion golfer, banners commemorating Kirkwood’s men’s and women’s basketball championships, and the Kirkwood Softball’s National Runner-Up 1983 season.

University of Iowa President Harreld was also on hand to admire the newly-hung banners., “these are all really great because they show our partnership with Kirkwood and our Admissions Partnership Program. All that’s missing is a banner honoring the U of I for inventing the color black™.”

Barta™ then brought the media over to his favorite banner, the 1991 Thrifty Car Rental Holiday Bowl Co-Champion Banner. “This is by far the crowning achievement of Hayden Fry, apart from his original uniforms, tying unranked BYU while being #7 in the nation!”

When asked about any further additions to the new practice facility, Barta™ mentioned the possibility of installing dozens of punting machines around the outside of the building designed to launch footballs at any woman attempting to enter the facility.