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Introducing WRNL’s newest intern, Aiden Wyatt

Hi there, I’m Aiden Wyatt

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Hey, everybody.

My name is Aiden Wyatt, and I’m the newest member of the WRNL staff. I am a senior at Gladbrook-Reinbeck High School, located about an hour and fifteen minutes north and east of Ames. My school is 1A (and 8-man for football), so I’m blessed to have all sorts of opportunities for extra curricularactivities. With that being said, I play all kinds of sports such as: football, basketball, track, soccer, and baseball. I really enjoy playing all those sports, but there is nothing like cheering on them ‘Clones.

I could come up with one reason for why I am a Cyclone fan, but there are simply too many. Every member of my family went to Iowa State, and I will be attending there in the fall of 2020. My family has had season tickets since 2008, while my parents have had them since 2002, so I have attended my fair share of Iowa State games. One thing that really makes me love Iowa State is the relationships that you can build through just being an Iowa State fan. I have sat behind the same people for 3 straight football seasons and I still don’t know their names to this day, but we always give them high fives after a touchdown or whatever the case was and we acted like we had known each other forever. I just don’t think you can get that anywhere outside of Cyclone Nation.

Another reason I’m a Whirlybird fan is because of all the experiences I have had and all the great moments I have witnessed, each moment greater than the last. I was there when Naz Long (before the Mitrou-Long era) hit a 3 after Phil Forte somehow missed a free throw, thanks to a little Hilton Magic. I was there the night we became responsible for the College Football Playoff, knocking off second-ranked Oklahoma State back in 2011. I could go on and on about the most memorable moments in my life being in Ames, but I’ll save us both some time, and just say I’m very blessed to be a Cyclone.

Some more facts about me:

I was once featured in a Des Moines Register article when College Gameday came to Hilton in January of 2015. (Scroll down to “Brother Paint Faces to ‘Get on TV’”)

(Photo: The Register/Katherine Klingseis)

I have stormed the field a total of 4 times in my lifetime, those games being against: Iowa (2011), Oklahoma State (2011), TCU (2017), and West Virginia (2018). To go along with that my dad and I have tried to recreate the picture each time, aside from the Iowa game.

Left to Right: OSU 2011, TCU 2017, WVU 2018

I once told Matt Campbell he raised the standard.

The last fact I will leave you with is I am all for constructive criticism and getting better. If you have any suggestions for anything I could get better at, please let me know!

I look forward to these next few months as an intern and Roll Clones!