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Tailgate Preview: UNI Pantherhawks

Luckily they’ll have enough time to get back out east for the second game.

The smokers have been cleaned. The cars detailed. The playlists have been meticulously poured over. New footballs have been inflated and bags packed with crew neck sweatshirts and brand new khaki shorts. The smell of charcoal is about to rise up and into the skies while the sounds of crisp beer tabs crack in the fresh morning light.

This week we entertain Hawkeye Panther fans from Cedar Falls. It’ll be a lovely occasion as they will get to tailgate twice in once day for their favorite team, so let’s get after this one!

Weather- Rain Chances and Cool

There will not be a thunderstorm! Have no fear! Though, there is a slight chance for some showers in the morning that should be clear by noon. The high for the day (as of typing this) is 69 degrees (nice). There will be some cloud cover that should keep temps down which is very unusual for the first game of the season. Expect a rather decent day for the first tailgate of the season.

Food- Egg and Potato Breakfast Casserole

Ahead of Thyme

We are out of our realm a little bit for the first game of the season. Usually we got time to fire up the grills and make a heck of a meal all afternoon long for the first tailgate. Now we have to hit the ground running and actually be prepared for a morning tailgate. Which is exactly why we are going to whip up some egg and potato casserole the night before and warm it up on the tailgate grill. You may call it lazy, I call it only worrying about some cold Natty Lights in my hand. Follow this rather simple and delicious recipe here.

Drink- Morning Beers

I debated on this one for quite awhile. While it is a morning tailgate and nice mimosa or screwdriver would do wonders, I couldn’t turn my back on my friends, the 12 ounce cans. They’ve never done us wrong, so why should we treat them poorly now? I will be rolling up in tailgate lots at 6am, hopping out of the vehicle, and shotgunning a ice cold Natty Light right away. You have to hit the ground running folks, it’s the only way!

Game- Giant Jenga

Over the last few seasons, some of the games I have presented have been rather repetitive. We are going with a new one this week. Giant Jenga is making it’s debut on the tailgate preview. You have to play this game with your Natty Light in your other hand because if you don’t, it’s cheating. These are the rules that have been cast, now follow them. The person who knocks the tower down, chugs a beer and builds it up again. Good luck to you all!

Song- The Git Up

Look, I don’t know what to tell you. It came up on my search for tailgate songs. So deal with it.

If you will be in the tailgate lots on Saturday morning, we would love to have a beer with you! Once again this season we will be broadcasting live from the tailgating lots. We will be live at 8am on Saturday morning from lot C3. Look for the WRNL flag and Wide Right and Natty Live banner! Come hang out and listen to the show and have a few beers.