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WRNL Needs Your Help to Cure Cancer in Dogs

An Iowa State based start-up is curing cancer in dogs. They need your help.

This Layla. She is a good doggo.

The CYdeliner usually makes his semi-annual appearance on this fine website to Troll and make fart jokes. But today I am here to do the RIGHT thing. Let’s get to the point:

The Bad News: 6,000,000 Good Doggos die every year of cancer. Odds are, you or someone you know has lost a furry friend to cancer. It sucks.

The Good News: There is a new biotech start-up that has the ability to cure cancer in dogs. This start-up was co-founded by a Loyal Son and Iowa State alum that used CRISPR to develop state-of-the-art technology gene editing technology while being a Cool Nerd at Iowa State. If some of that NERD SPEAK makes absolutely no sense to you, you’re not alone (the #links help).

But they need our help.

Layla is beautiful. Also, that’s the CEO’s real license plate.

LEAH Labs has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign for their start-up in order to grow and be viable in the market commercially. We can help them, and get to own part of the company while you're at it. If they do not get the funding to continue their good work, they will eventually run out of money and all the hard work they’ve put in towards the dream of curing cancer in dogs will be for not.

This is where we come in.

If you have the means, LEAH Labs would love to have your money. Even $100 of it helps them run the proper Nerd Science Experiment. Now, I know “investing” isn’t for everyone and we all have bills to pay. If investing isn’t your thing, I know LEAH Labs would very much appreciate you sharing their message on any and all social media accounts and with your dog loving friends, family, and colleagues. The best part is, everything they are doing can also directly help humans with cancer.

If you love Good Doggos this is for you. If you are an Iowa State fan this is for you. And Dear Reader, I know you are at least one of those two things.

Us Cyclones really thrive at Doing Things Online, so let’s make it happen again!

If you are interested in learning more about LEAH Labs and their mission of curing cancer in doggos, head on over to their Wefunder page, check ‘em out on the medias @leahlabsinc, and join them in their fight. It could save a Doggo you love someday.

Layla thanks you as she poses like a professional.

Oh and we’d love to see your Good Doggos, so send some pics our way!