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The Mid Morning Dump: IT’S GAMEDAY EVE

We are close y’all!

WELCOME HOME Our friend Brent Blum wrote an article that will send chills down your spine.

I’M NOT YOUR BUDDY, PAL Jon Heacock is not friendly to fellow Big 12 offenses.

PROVE IT We aren’t the only ones that are hyped for the new starting cornerbacks.

BEAST MODE This sounds like good news for David Montgomery.

BIG MONEY MOVES! Bridget Carleton landed herself a deal with the Lynx for this season.

DRAMA IN LA LA It has not been a good summer for Demarcus Cousins, as a warrant is out for his arrest.

CUBS ARE BACK? The Cubs left New York with a sweep thanks to Victor Caratini.

PICKING UP WHERE THEY LEFT OFF The defending champs beat Georgia Tech 52-14 in their first game of the 2019 season.