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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tom Playing Till He Dies

Tom Brady is getting some more money to pay his medical bills to play till he dies

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MILTON TEARS IT UP. Tarique Milton took the show in the first official practice on Friday.

YAHOO #22. Iowa State lands at No. 22 on the Yahoo top 25.

STEADY GROWTH. Matt Campbell wants to see his sophomore class take the next step.

SCOUTS ATTENTION. Brock Purdy is going to start getting some attention at the next level.

ANALYZING EVERY GAME. Jay Jordan analyzes every game on the Iowa State schedule.

MEDIA DAY FUN. One last look back on media day with Jaquan Bailey.

OLD MAN GETS PAID. Tom Brady received a two year contract extension.

LOCHTE BACK? Ryan Lochte wins his first race after a 14 month ban.

HIT BY A CAR. TCU’s kicker was hit by car and now may be forced to miss the year.