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The Mid-Morning Dump: 24 MORE DAYS

Madden 20 is better, unless it’s not.

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BUONGIORNO ITALIA! Iowa State Men’s Basketball has their Italia tour dates released.

THORN IN OFFENSIVE SIDES. Mike Rose is projected to have a great year, even if he no longer is a surprise.

THE STANDARD. Amechie Walker has earned himself a scholie.

HALIBUCKETS. Our very own Tyrese Haliburton has been invited to the Nike Skills Academy.

MADDENING MADDEN LIKENESSES. Madden, a video game series noted for not being terrible in any way, isn’t great at making accurate likenesses for every player.

NFL BEEFS? Well, maybe, if there will be any, it’ll probably be in these matchups.

FATHER TIME. Vince will play four decades as an NBA player, here’s to his 2019-20 season!