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Desmond Howard’s Guide for CollegeAmesDay

You ask, you shall receive. Welcome to Ames!

Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

College Game Day will be hosted by Iowa State University on September 14th against the in state rival: Iowa. There is hype, excitement, and a relentlessness for the love of this great university and college town of Ames, Iowa. Ames was named Top 100 Best Places to Live. We welcome the ESPN College Game Day crew to a day we have wanted for years! Welcome to #CollegeAmesDay.

Desmond Howard, if you have ever heard of him, took to Twitter and asked Cyclone Nation what there is to do in Ames. From his tweet (below), we can gather he was hinting at Hickory Park. Now that is a must and truly Iowan. But we have compiled a list for you @DesmondHoward for interesting things to do in Ames and the area besides what you already know. Hey fans, comment below and let Desmond know where to go!

Welcome to Ames from Wide Right Natty Lite, Des! CORN RULES!


“Looking for some interesting things to do in Ames (like a record store or 2 ). I get it, you have a BBQ cornbread place, but what else?”

  • Tailgate Lots: Iowa State University welcomes one of the most elite tailgate layouts in all of college sports. There will be food, music, bags, tunes, and beer!
  • Welch Ave: Pick a bar, any bar. Your drinks are free. Guaranteed.
  • Peterson Park (Peterson Pits more commonly known as): Get that ESPN vehicle dusty with Iowa gravel and discover hidden gem to clear your mind! An old quarry next to the mighty South Skunk River. Let’s catch some ‘gills!
  • Tip Top Lounge: The perfect place for a bowl of chili and a Bloody Mary. What time you meeting us?
  • Corn Yield checks: Let one of us agronomists show ‘ya a corn field! It would be an honor.
  • Whatcha Smokin’ BBQ and Brew: Take a peaceful, easy feeling ride 20 miles southwest of Ames for another BBQ experience. If you haven’t noticed, we like our food here. Their tenderloin though!

We want to once again welcome College Game Day to our favorite college football atmosphere in Ames, Iowa. Desmond, we hope to see you at all these hot spots. Ames has so much to offer! Hit the tailgate for a koozie.

With love, WRNL