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Iowa State drops out of the AP, still ranked 23rd in SB Nation’s FanPulse

It appears the average Joe likes Iowa State more than the national media.

SB Nation’s FanPulse rankings have come out post-week 2. FanPulse allows anyone to vote for their top 25 football teams in college football, and separates it nationally as well as team to team. Sign up here to participate in future top 25 votes.

SB Nation also has a confidence meter that measures whether or not the fan base is confident in the direction of the program. Shocker here, with Gameday on the horizon and back to back bowl appearances, Iowa State fans seem to think Campbell is headed in the right direction. 100% of Iowa State fans, that voted, feel confident in Iowa State’s program.

Iowa State is just four days away form hosting College Gameday, and although they fell out of the AP top 25 this weekend, FanPulse is still showing the Cyclones some love after a BYE week.

Iowa State is ranked 23rd on the national ballot after teams like Stanford and Nebraska were bounced out. Iowa is ranked a couple spots ahead of them at 20.

Iowa State’s fan ballot has them only ranked one spot higher at 22, while Iowa fan’s ballot are REALLY feeling themselves (phrasing) after a win against, honorary FCS school, Rutgers. The Hawks have themselves ranked at 16, four spots ahead of the national average.

Although Iowa State won’t be ‘ranked’ in the AP, make no mistake that Gameday will feature two of the top 25 college football teams in America.