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Tailgate Preview: Team Out East

Saturday is going to be a hell of a day for the state of Iowa

NCAA FOOTBALL: AUG 30 ESPN College GameDay Photo by Ray Carlin/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Grab your life jackets coolers, folks! This is going to be a big day. College GameDay is in town and it is turning this tailgate all the way up to 11. The lots open up at 5 AM, which is surely going to keep everyone entirely responsible. So, let’s crack open an few Natty Lights and get after this thing.

Weather: Sunny and Dry

If you can believe it or not, by the power of the ghost of Mark Mangino, there won’t actually be rain during tailgating.. The weather looks like it’s going to be great, with highs in the 80’s and partly cloudy. So as much as the rain has frightened the tailgating masses, we should be safe on Saturday for a great day of tailgating.

If you are planning on going to College Gameday, here is your location to go (incase you are living under a rock). Lineup for the pit starts at 3:30am and entry beginning at 5:30am. Those of you who don’t want to get up that early, it sounds as if there will be plenty of space in the rest of the plaza for you to enjoy the weather and some College Gameday.

Drink: Mimosas

Since we are all going to be tailgating stupid early, this tailgate is going to have a morning tailgate flavor to kick off our drinks for the day. Mimosas are making their 2019 debut to help us achieve white girl wasted status. These are simple, yet delicious, and you honestly can’t go wrong with this one. I will be drinking a few barley pops, but don’t let me stop you from the mimosas.

Food: Tailgate Sliders

These little slices of heaven will certainly make your stomach smile. The best part about them is that you can prep them the day before and then toss them on the grill to warm up in a tin foil pan. Check out this Hy-Vee recipe for a quick tailgate meal that everyone is certainly going to enjoy.

Game: Flip Cup

Ah, the age-old tradition of arguing what this is called. Flip Cup or Flippy Cup? It doesn’t really matter, it’s all the same thing in the end. Tomorrow is bound to be a very long day of tailgating. While flip cup certainly can mess you up rather quickly, it seems to be one of those games that you see everyone playing late in the tailgate, which is exactly what we need. Longevity (that’s what she said). Now, since we have some “friends” coming from out east, this is a perfect opportunity to go Cyclones vs nameless team all tailgate long.

Song: Sea of Red

We are going with a little bit of Cyclone flavor this week.

If you will be in the tailgate lots on Saturday, we would love to have a beer with you! Once again we will be broadcasting live from the tailgating lots. We will be live at 12 noon on Saturday from lot C3. Look for the WRNL flag and Wide Right and Natty Live banner! Come hang out and listen to the show and have a few beers.

5:00 AM

All parking lots will open

Once parking around the stadium is filled, fans are encouraged to seek parking on campus.

5:30 AM

Entry to both the “pit” and the areas surrounding the stage open.

A limited number of fans will be allowed in the pit located behind the stage. ESPN staff will manage entry (administering security measures, making certain signs are appropriate, etc.). No food or drink (or any kind) is allowed. The pit opens at 5:30 AM. Fans will not be allowed to camp out on the grounds in advance of entry into the show’s footprint. No one will be allowed to que until 3:30 AM. Saturday. Security will have a presence in the area to help monitor activities. There will be plenty of room around the pit for students, families and kids to enjoy the show without having access to the pit.

ESPN SportCenter “live hits”

7:30 AM

”Countdown to GameDay” with Maria Taylor, David Pollack & Jason Fitz LIVE Twitter show.

ESPN SportCenter “live hits”

8:00 AM

College GameDay LIVE broadcast begins 11:00 AM LIVE broadcast concludes 12:30 PMSpirit Walk

S. 4th Street with entrance at the north end of the Bergstrom facility

1:00 PM

Stadium gates open for premium areas & students

1:30 PM Stadium gates open for general public seating

3:00 PM Kickoff