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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cy-Hawk Friday

One more day folks.

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OFFENSE WILL HAVE TO PLAY WELL. The Cyclone offense is looking for answers to move the ball and score.

WELL THIS COULD HELP? While the Iowa defense is stout, it’s secondary is banged up a bit.

MAYBE IT DOESN’T HELP. Sporting news took the help and squashed it like a bug with their prediction.

POLLARD’S VISION. Jamie Pollard has always had a vision for Iowa State athletics and College Gameday coming to Ames was part of it.


NOT SO SPECIAL. The Panthers ran the Philly Special on 4th and 1 with the game on the line.

SHOCKER. The Patriots were unaware of the possible civil suit against Antonio Brown before signing him last weekend.

BYE BYE DOLPHINS. The first Miami Dolphin has asked for a trade.

COACH POPP NEEDS TO BE CRITICIZED. Team USA has not looked good at the FIBA Championships, so how has Popp escaped the wrath?

YEAH, I’M OUT. These pilots are insane.