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The Lunchtime Dump: Well That Sucked

College Gameday was great, but the game wasn’t.

WE LOST Iowa State’s loss to Iowa was painful to watch.

TURNOVERS The big thing that has decided the last 5 Cy-Hawk games.

REMEMBER THIS? This was cool.

JACK TRICE STADIUM Still beautiful.

THEY CAME TO OUR CITY College Amesday was amazing.

THERE WE GO DAVID Chuck Bruce has scored every Bears touchdown on the season.

BIG OOF Ben Roethlisberger is out for the season after suffering an elbow injury.

KANSAS?! The Jayhawks picked up their first road win over a Power 5 team in their team history (jk like 2008.)

THAT WAS UGLY Arizona State upset the Spartans in East Lansing.