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Iowa State University planning to explore possibility of “mixed-use development district” in Iowa State Center

There could be some BIG changes on the way.

Iowa State University announced in a press release and press conference on Tuesday that the athletic department would be heading up an effort to completely transform the area between Hilton Coliseum and Jack Trice Stadium.

We’ll know more about the potential project in the coming months regarding scope, dollar figures, and timelines, but it’s not difficult to imagine that the people in charge would be looking to, at least in part, replicate parts of Kansas City’s Power & Light District. Based on this press release, it seems unlikely that it would just become another bar district (especially since we already have one within walking distance of the stadiums in Campustown), but restaurants and bars, as well as shopping, would be absolute money factories, especially on GameDay. This also seems like tailor-made location for a new permanent location for Cy’s Locker Room.

We’ll keep you all updated as more information about the potential project comes to light, but, needless to say, along with the new football facility and Hilton Coliseum renovations, Iowa State Center is on the path to becoming one of the premier fan experiences in the country.