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This Week in GIFs: TOE

Too many mistakes, too much rain, not enough beer.

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Saturday got off to an early start, as tailgating-ready fans waited in massive lines at 5 AM. Thankfully, Ames PD had the situation under control.

While the crowd was mostly Cyclone fans, plenty of Hawkeye fans poured into Ames as well.

The tailgating scene was, well... nothing short of incredible.

And Cyclone fans delivered one of the best College Gameday sets/shows ever, as well as some great signs...

... which the Kirkwood grads had to translate for their Hawkeye friends all day long.

Eric Church was flown up to Ames to be the guest picker.

And then he picked the Hawkeyes.

And then lightning delayed the football game for nearly an hour.

And the Cyclones scored on a trick play!

And then the real rain began, soaking an already very wet crowd.

Some fans stuck out the storm from their seats in the stadium.

After a 2 hour rain delay the game finally resumed, though most people were ready for the day to be over.

The second half really made people want to go home, as it was an absolute mess.

After starting the half with a long TD pass to Tarique Milton, there was lots of field goals and punts.

Cyclone defenders struggled to catch a few potential interceptions.

And they somehow struggled to tackle Nate Stanley.

The officials decided to step in and stop a potential 4th down conversion with a bulls**t holding penalty.

And in the end, they couldn’t get out of their own way, fumbling a punt in the most ISU way possible.

At least ¡El Assico! lived up to its reputation.