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Bacon Bits: Iowa State Football Recruiting Notes

A few crootin’ nuggets

Hey Cyclone fans, I hope you are hungry. Hungry for some bacon because who the hell isn’t always hungry for bacon? Ok, it isn’t real bacon, but this is my feature for Iowa State football recruiting tidbits I have during the week. Anything on my mind or anything that doesn’t go on my recruiting big boards will be posted here as “Bacon Bits”. Whether you like it crispy, chewy or somewhere in-between.

This past weekend, Iowa State hosted several football recruits for opening weekend. The prospects on campus ranged from the class of 2020 all the way to the class of 2022. Alongside the uncommitted prospects were a few current commits as well. However, this week, I wanted to really focus in on the uncommitted prospects to get their thoughts on the visit. Here are some of the best quotes I got from this past weekend.

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New Offers

This past weekend, Iowa State extended a few offers and one preferred walk-on offer.

2021 WR Tristan Michaud (Ontario, Canada): Tristan isn’t in any sort of database out of Canada, but when you see his size (6’5-200 pounds), I wasn’t surprised to see the staff extend an offer when he was in Ames this past weekend. Tristan’s initial thoughts about Iowa State were “It looks like a good university that is good at football and the staff is very nice. The visit was nice, the facility is crazy, and they were telling me about the renovation coming up and I feel like it’s going to be really nice.”

2021 OT Marcus Mbow (Milwaukee, WI): Marcus received his offer on Saturday possibly during one of the two weather delays. Regardless of when he got it, he told me that “I loved it, the place had very nice facilities for the parts I saw and they are renovating a lot so that means it will be even nicer! But the environment and energy of the fans and the game were all awesome.”

2020 QB Hayes Gibson (Ankeny, IA): Hayes received a prefer walk-on offer and he briefly told me that “I think it’s an amazing opportunity to show I am just as good as anyone on scholarship.”

2021 visitors

There were plenty of recruits in Ames on Saturday and I wasn’t going to contact all of them since some didn’t have offers, but I wanted to focus on the guys who already have Iowa State offers to get their thoughts on the visit.

3-Star DT Doran Ray (Detroit, MI): Doran was on campus back in the summer with some of his teammates at Cass Technical and he came with his family on Saturday. Doran said “I loved the visit. The atmosphere was amazing, and I haven’t seen anything like it. The one thing that stood out was how nice and friendly the fans were.”

3-Star OT Connor Tollison (Jackson, MO): This won’t be a quote, but I wanted to let you know that Connor wasn’t able to make it to Ames this past weekend, although I had him listed as a visitor last week.

3-Star WR Jaylin Noel (Kansas City, MO): “The visit was really good! Of course, it was crazy, and the fans and atmosphere were electric.”

3-Star CB Tyler Hibbler (Saint Louis, MO: Tyler’s visit went great and he loved the environment. When I asked him, what was the one thing that stuck out to him, he said “The fans. Lots of support. The coaches knew a lot about me. They knew about current things and they were very inviting.”

3-Star SDE Jeffrey Bowie (West Branch, IA): Jeffrey is considered a big time Iowa lean and to be honest with you, he didn’t tell me much from his visit. To me, Iowa State has a long way to go to make up ground in his recruitment and honestly, it may be already a lost cause at this point.

3-Star OT Beau Stephens (Blue Springs, MO): I didn’t get to talk with Beau long, but he told me that he really enjoyed his visit this past weekend. I will talk with him more as the week goes on.

TE AJ Rollins (Omaha, NE): I couldn’t get ahold of AJ but, if you read last my bacon bits piece a couple weeks ago, you would know that AJ was there for the Northern Iowa game and he loved it. I really like where Iowa State is in his recruitment.

4-Star WDE TJ Bollers (Tiffin, IA): I hope if you are in the state of Iowa, you know that TJ Bollers is the number one player in the state for the 2021 class and is a top 160 player nationally. Every school wants TJ and I was lucky enough to catch up with him after his visit. TJ said “My trip was great! It was a wet and long day, but I really enjoyed my time there.” It appeared that TJ was impressed with the fans coming back after the weather delays and he told me about his past experiences visiting at Iowa State saying “I have been there a lot and every time has been different in a good way. A couple of times have been academic meetings, other times have been strictly about football and watching film with the coaches. I feel like I am a big priority to them. I talk with the time from coach Hoodjey (Director of player personnel), coach Rasheed (Defensive line coach) and coach Campbell who I call frequently.” He did mention that Iowa State is one of his top schools and that he will be taking other visits to Nebraska, Kansas State, Wisconsin and Michigan. However, he will be back in Ames for the Texas game on November 16th.

2022 Class

CB Toriano Pride (Saint Louis, MO): I know we are still a way from the 2022 class, but Toriano was happy and really enjoyed his trip. He told me if he gets invited back to Ames, he would love to come back.