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Beers and Leaves are Falling! WRNL Top 10 Fall Beer List

Welcome to, Cytoberfest! Our online beer recommendations of Oktoberfest and tailgate season.

The most colorful time of year is upon us with football in full swing. We here at WRNL know many of our readers and contributors enjoy alcoholic beverages while watching football. Maybe it’s Saturday afternoons, Sunday brunch, Monday night, or,... aw hell, just drink if you want to drink. We won’t judge.

But if you are into beers, we have complied a Top 10 fall beer list to try this football season. Sit back and enjoy the most wonderful time of year. Football is here and the beers are falling down your throat!

  1. Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale; Sierra Nevada; ABV: 5.5%

Let’s start this off with a beer that just sounds like fall. Sierra’s Tumbler ABA is just that! Easily found in Iowa in sampler packs. A tasty brown ale that is smoky and hints of chocolate.

2) Abita Pecan Ale; Abita Brewing; ABV: 5.1%

If have the ability to try this, it is recommended that you do. Abita is out of Louisiana and is tough to get in Iowa. Interesting take on a brew but contains that nutty caramel flavor of the fall season. Pairs great with red meats and gouda cheese.

3) Hazy Bay IPA; West O

No doubt that end of the summer type of beer, but damn it’s good. Was at West O shortly after the release of it and obtained a growler. Hazies are the happenin’ thing now. Murky, hoppy, dry, and tasteful. So new, you can’t even find pictures on the internet. And all’s I got is a growler. So envision a murky, light yellow and you got it!

4) Oktoberfest; Schlafly; ABV 5.5%

A staple of Schlafly Brewing out of St. Louis. You can’t always can’t Schlafly’s stuff in Iowa but sometimes it just shows up at liquor stores and your local Hy Vee. Besides WRNL, even USA Today recommends this as a top beer to try. But what other source do you really need, right?? Great classic Marzen style German beer. Plus, in a bad ass Bavarian colored can.

The Full Pint

5) Scythe & Sickle; Ommegang; ABV: 5.8%

Highly recommended by a friend who traveled to this brewery in New York. Love the name as well. IF you find it in Iowa please let us know! It’s not your “Oktoberfests” or “Pumpkins”, but more sweet. A quote from Beer Advocate from the Brew master Phil, “Scythe & Sickle is our foray into honoring the harvest season, taking the finest malts and blending them seamlessly into a rich amber ale. Farming is about precision, timing and care, and this gently sweet ale is our testament to the craft and care of farming.”

6) Harvest Hefe; Samuel Adams; ABV: 5.4%

Harvest Hefe contains cinnamon and nutmeg hints, but don’t worry, it’s not a “pumpkiny” beer. It still has the Hefeweizen flavor

7) Stingy Jack; Potosi; ABV: 6.5%

For all you pumpkin beer lovers, I got you one. Potosi is located in Potosi, WI, and they have great stuff. Stingy Jack fits the mold and a good pumpkin beer for this fall. ABV is decent but not too much to where it makes you feel like a turd.

8) Oktoberfest Marzen; Paulaner; ABV: 5.8%

Do not be intimidated that this is brewed in Germany and you won’t find it in Iowa. Because you will. It is currently on the shelves at Hy Vee and a great buy. Other varieites of Paulaner can be found as well, but this is seasonal. Amber color, full bodied, and toffee flavors. If you don’t care for the “caramel” Oktoberfests, give this a try.

9) Bittersweet; Left Hand; ABV: 8.9%

I recommend this later in fall as it really gets cool. Bittersweet comes from Colorado at Left Hand and packs a punch. A coffee milk stout good for those 11 AM kickoffs in November!

10) Ichabod; New Holland; ABV 4.5%

Ichabod is a good fall representative from the Michigan brewery. This is another pumpkin-like beer with cinnamon and nutmeg. Great for the season!

The Cyclones have gotten underway for the 2019 season and fall is officially here! But if you are like me, this is my favorite beer drinking season. That said, I’ve popped tops on many of the fall beers already.

Post your beer drinking pictures below and/or comment with your 2019 Fall Brewsky recommendations!

Cheers! Go Cyclones!