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The Mid-Morning Dump: Rain, Rain....GO AWAY

This wet weather can really be a bumer

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HITTING STRIDE. Iowa State is looking to find it’s stride against Louisiana Monroe.

FINDING A HOME. Greg Eisworth found a home in Ames, much to our delight!

BEER GUY STILL GOING. Iowa State fan/Beer sign guy is still raking in the money for charity.


MINSHEW MANIA! Rookie Gardner Minshew has come in for Nick Foles and is the talk of the league so far.

NOT BRADY MANIA THOUGH! Tom Brady turned off the TNF game because he is tired of dumb penalties. Same Tom, same.

NEW BRADY VS PEYTON? Some are saying that Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes will be the new QB rivalry.

YANKEES CLINCH! The New York Yankees are safely into the playoffs after winning the AL East last night.

YOU GOT HOPS! Duke freshman breaks Zion’s vertical record.