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72 points later, Iowa State notches their second win

It was a banner day for the offense.

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Tell me to stop if you’ve heard this one. Iowa State gets off to a slow start against a team they’re heavily favored against. Such was the case today, as the first two drives ended in turnovers, but miraculously didn’t end in points for the ULM Warhawks.

The Warhawks got the ball on the ten yard line, but failed to capitalize due to some stingy red zone defense by the Red Wedding. An illegal formation caused the Warhawks to backup five yards, missing the kick. It would soon become apparent that this ULM team isn’t high on kickers.

In fact, I suggest they reach out to Adam, who nailed the Chick-Fil-A field goal kick seconds after. By the way, free Chick-Fil-A for a year for a 20 yard chip shot kick? Sign me up.

Even after holding ULM to come away with no points, the very next drive a miscommunication would lead to a botched handoff and a fumble. So I know you know the final score, but this seemed like a train wreck in the making.

This ULM team took Florida State to the wire earlier in the year, and it looked like they were ready to do the same. Then Brock Purdy would absolutely obliterate the entire state of Louisiana, and wherever the poor town of Monroe is.

Just to give you a quick look of what’s to come in the recap here, Purdy had six touchdowns, three passing, three rushing, and over 500 total yards of offense an Iowa State record. Purdy would break new Cyclone Hall of Fame inductee Seneca Wallace’s all-purpose yards record with the former #15 Iowa State star QB in attendance today.

On the Cyclone’s third drive, the Cyclones would move it down the field efficiently and quickly. Purdy capped it off with a seven yard rushing TD, offsides to boot. You can’t even effectively cheat against this guy.

The next possession Lawrence White would get an interception setting the Cyclones up in great field possession. Purdy would string together two great rushing plays that would put Iowa State in the end zone once again, and this is where things started to escalate.

The Warhawks would once again be forced to go for it due to a lack of kicking on 4th down, where Iowa State would hold strong. Then Tarique Milton would get open on a slant route and take it to the house for 73 yards, which wouldn’t even be the longest TD pass of the day.

In the second quarter, Iowa State would fall susceptible to giving up big plays and allowed ULM to score 13, two touchdowns with a missed PAT. Also the Cyclone’s offense would momentarily slow down their next two drives ending in made field goals by Connor Assalley.

Going into halftime, Iowa State would be up 27-13 and it didn’t quite feel like the game was a foregone conclusion.

The Cyclones would drive the ball down the field with a huge reception to Milton, with a helicopter-like hit that sent his body moving like a Cyclone (s/o Baby Bash). That put Iowa State within rushing TD distance for Brock Purdy to put the Cyclones up 34-13 barely two minutes into the third quarter.

Also, if we are going to replace Sweet Caroline some day “because every school does it” it better be replaced by Juicy Wiggle, and I don’t even want to hear any other suggestions.

The Cyclones would continue to have trouble containing the QB, especially on third downs. This has been a trend since week 1. This seemed to be the biggest weakness for Iowa State today, and hopefully they’ll patch it up before conference play.

Three plays into the Cyclone’s next drive Deshaunte Jones would TAKE OFF for 84 yards. The Cyclones defense would give up another big play where ULM would push their score to 20. Purdy would once again curbstomp his way down the field for 75 yards in 7 plays, ending in another passing touchdown to Sean Shaw Jr.

Re-Al Mitchell and Jihrel Brock both played well in the 4th quarter, and Iowa State continues to have a dream team assembly of backup quarterbacks. Brock also did a great job of finding some extra running room, and ULM had a hard time getting him to the ground.

Iowa State would put up 31 unanswered to end the game in what ended up being a 72-20 rout. However, the Cyclones still had imperfections. The defense continued to struggle on third down, and some sloppy turnovers right away made this a close-ish game two quarters longer than it had to be.

That being said, we scored 72 points. If this game didn’t give you confidence that Brock Purdy is really special, and that this Iowa State team is really good, I’m not sure what would have.

Iowa State takes on Baylor next week, in what’s sure to be a physical match up. Just remember Corn Jesus is awesome, and Baylor is trash.