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The Mid-Morning Dump: Edwin Kurgat is FAST

Also, it’s a Cyclone State for volleyball, again.

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SPEED David Montgomery led the Bears in carries, but isn’t getting able to show the full girth of his workload.

LUDICROUS SPEED Edwin Kurgat blew away the field at the John McNichols Invitational, running 8km in just 23:47.3. (McNichols Results)

CYCLONE STATE It took five sets, but the volleyball team prevailed to win its 12th in 14 years against TVTOE.

WACO TRIBUNE-HERALD WARNS The Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week has fur matted in Waco, click here to learn more about the opposition’s point-of-view this week.

OH NO BABY WHAT IS YOU DOING? Justin Tucker, what in the wide world of bad special teams was this drop kick?

ESPN BOWL PROJECTIONS Would we rather go to Memphis to play UCF or go to Orlando to play the team where Trever Ryen currently is staffed?


KANSAS: Does shady basketball shit.

BIG RED DEFENSE The Big Red’s D got bigger the closer Marist got to scoring on Saturday, putting up two goal line stands.

PREVIOUS OPPONENT TRACKER #9 Northern Iowa was down 6-3 in a battle with the Bengals of Idaho State, but pulled it out in the fourth.