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FanPulse: Iowa State still unranked following blowout win

But, we are creeping close behind.

Iowa State winning by a literal million was not enough to sway the needle of college football fans. Much like the AP or Coaches poll, ‘good losses’ were rewarded before the complete beat down of a lesser FBS team.

Michigan, Utah, Washington State, and UCF all remain ranked after an upset heavy Saturday. TCU which was ranked 25 coming into the week is the only ranked team to fall below the rankings after getting beat by instate rival, SMU.

As far as Iowa State not getting any love in the national poll, that’s to be expected. If putting up 70+ points wasn’t going to get us votes, nothing would’ve. But with nothing but Big 12 round robin play left, now would be the time for the Cyclones to make their move.

A tough road test against Baylor comes this weekend, and head coach Matt Rhule is hoping Waco will somewhat resemble the “elite” atmosphere in Ames. Also, Iowa State v. Baylor is getting the 2:30 time slot on ESPN which should garner some national viewers. An impressive win on Saturday could easily bump a 3-1 Iowa State team back into the Top 25.

Unsurprisingly, Iowa State is still feeling pretty good about the program’s direction. After a blowout win, and announcements of a ‘power and lights’ type district, it’s a good time to be a Cyclone.