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The Mid-Morning Dump: Karma Edition

Also, huge news for the men’s basketball team!

CASTING STONES is not a good look when you have published some very offensive things of your own.

MORE DRAMA persists with the Iowa Marching Band allegations. Jamie Pollard was the latest to respond. Video of the band leaving the stadium has been released.

HEY, SPORTS! In actual on-the-court news, the men’s basketball team received a huge boost yesterday.

NICE SHOT by the women’s golf team, who won the East-West Match Play Challenge!

HEADING TO WACO as the road favorite, albeit not by much.

LONG HAUL The Diamondbacks beat the Cardinals 3-2 ... in 19 innings.

FULL MOON Auston Matthews was charged with disorderly conduct earlier this year.

BRYCE WHO? The Nationals clinched a wild card spot ... against Bryce Harper and the Phillies.

GET WELL SOON The Panthers may be without Cam Newton for longer than expected.