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The Mid-Morning Dump: Day Before Baylor

Will tensions run high?


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. Here is everything you need to know on tomorrow’s matchup.

FIRST ROAD TEST. Iowa State is preparing for their first road test tomorrow at Baylor.

PREPPING FOR BAYLOR. The Iowa State defense is prepping for the unique ability of Charlie Brewer.

BEYOND THE ARC. The legend of Matt Thomas still lives.


ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Here is how all the college football contenders have answered their offseason questions.

KEEP AN EYE ON THESE GUYS. Keep an eye out on these NFL prospects over the weekend.

NO NO! Allen Lazard hilariously trolls the Eagles defense on a flag thrown.

PACKERS STILL LOSE. A game ending interception by Aaron Rodgers gave the Eagles the win.

DON’T CARE! The Cubs have entered the don’t care portion of their season and they don’t care what the Brewers think.