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The Mid Morning Dump: Post-Loss Blues

A heart breaker on Saturday.

FINDING SOLUTIONS Iowa State is left searching for answers to stalled offensive drives after Saturday’s loss in Waco.


BET THE UNDER This has the potential to be 2-0.

HEY, HE’S A CYCLONE! Look at AJ Klein!

ICED Cyclone Hockey was shut out in their first loss of the season on Saturday.

MADDON OUT The Joe Maddon era is done in Chicago.

PAINT IS DRYING Kirk Cousins looked terrible and the Bears defense looked great.

THAT’S A BOLD STRATEGY COTTON I wouldn’t recommend throwing into quadruple coverage.

MEH I don’t have a comment on the extension of Matt Rhule, but it’s news.

DAVID As it turns out, David Montgomery’s route-running is still pretty good in the NFL.