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This Week in GIFs: Northern Iowa

Well, at least the good guys won.

NCAA Football: Northern Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone was expecting the Cyclones to make light work of Northern Iowa.

Instead, we were all reminded, once again, why playing UNI is always a bad idea.

The first half features plenty of mistakes, poor execution, and strange penalties.

Pro wrestler offensive linemen Josh Knipfel was actually penalized for being too damn tough.

A halftime score of 3-0 was not exactly what anyone was calling for.

After scoring a touchdown, the second half took a nasty turn, thanks to the officials not understanding physics.

Man, that UNI quarterback had a great second half.

And so did their second-string kicker.

The Cyclone offense in the red zone was, well... a disaster.

That red zone offense, and one missed field goal, put UNI right where ISU wanted them: overtime.

The defense came through when it needed to, but the Cyclones couldn’t get a touchdown to win it.

After scoring a touchdown, UNI naturally matched the effort with a score of their own.

Another stop by the defense put the Cyclones in position to win, and then a Sheldon Croney fumble left fans bracing for the inevitable.

But then Brock Purdy supermaned into the pile to save the day, setting up the winning touchdown.

At the end of the day, Cyclone fans went home with a win, and UNI fans went home to Iowa City.