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Lee, let’s go to Welch together.

College Gameday is coming to Ames, Iowa.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone calm down. Relax. Start breathing.

This is the embodiment of the “This is not a drill” GIF from The Office. This is really, really happening.

ESPN’s College Game Day is coming to Ames, Iowa for the first time and Cyclone Nation can’t hardly wait.

With that in mind, let me make a pitch to Mr. Lee Corso in an attempt to take him to one of the most hallowed grounds in all of the wonderfully excitable cities in Iowa.

Lee — Listen, this is a big one for us. We don’t normally get things like this. Not only will our fans be there by the time the sun rises over the river, but we’ll camp out for this. We’ll skip class, we’ll call out of work, we’ll do everything in the world to be first in line to see you put on that Cyclone helmet in a pick for us to win.

I’ve loved this school my whole life. I’ve spent decades watching us lose, I’ve spent years of my life just hoping for us to be good. There were times I never thought I would even know what it meant to be a winner.

Give us the pleasure, Mr. Corso. Give us the pride and joy of walking down Welch Ave together, arm in arm and letting me point out to you all the places you should enjoy. Let us stand step in step as we view every smelly dive bar and wonderfully enjoyable dining establishment.

This is a big moment not only for us as a fan base, but also for you as well. You’ve never been here. You, Rece and Kirk, you guys have no idea where the best gin and tonics are (Thumbs) or where the best place to get your boogie on (SIPS) are at.

You guys are welcomed with open arms and in the most loving of all fashions. We want you guys to feel like you’re sitting in a blanket with with cup of coffee and a favorite movie. We want you to feel like you’re home. This isn’t just your moment, Lee, but also ours as well.

This is why I’m leaving this open letter to you. Let’s me and you go to Welch together. How’s about you and I grab a Lee Coors, or a Kirk Herbiken and belly up to a bar top together. You can regale me with stories of which I’ll have no idea what you’re talking about, and afterwards I’ll buy you a burrito.

When it’s all said and done, you guys will never feel more loved or more cherished by a fan base in your lives. This is a very large and endearing group of people who have been hurt a lot in their lives. They’ve suffered and paid their dues twice over for just wearing the Cardinal and Gold of Iowa State.

We’ve seen every possible terrible outcome you could imagine. From over the pylons, to ghost flags to wide rights. It’s all happened to us in Ames, or K.C. or just anywhere Big 12 officials happen to be present.

But still we continue. We plug ahead like a man unflinching into the night. With no fear or regard for safety we always walk ahead hoping for the next week and the next moment of euphoria.

So Lee, let’s me and you get a beer. Let me tip to you about the greatest fan base in the nation. Let us cheer a seminal moment in not just your life, but also the life of Ames and Cyclone fans at large.

Welcome to Ames, Game Day. Welcome to Ames.