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We want your Gameday sign ideas!

We had great signs when Basketball Gameday showed up, so let’s get ready for our encore.

As anyone who’s seen Gameday knows, crowd signs are one of the most iconic parts of the experience outside of Corso’s headgear. With Gameday headed to Ames, we’ll need to make sure we have our signs in order. Let this post be the official forum for all of our best Gameday sign ideas.

We’ll update this post with the best idea we come up with ourselves, but we know the best people for the job are you degenerates, so we’ll make sure to post the best ones from Twitter and Facebook as well.

Remember, no matter what, #AHF.


  • Actually Helping Farmers
  • Actually Drinking Busch Light —-> someone in a different part of the crowd: “Still drinking Busch Light”
  • Hawkeye fan starter kit: Kirkwood degree, Hawkeye t-shirt from walmart, Hawkeye vodka, Hawkeyes on my belly.
  • Ames water >>>>> Iowa City Water
  • AHF: 28 agricultural majors
    ANF: Window stickers
  • America
  • Welcome to Gameday, Kirkwood grads!
  • Nate Stanley drinks white claws
  • Barta tried to put Gary Dolphin in the transfer portal
  • I’m Kirk Ferentz’s neighbor