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This weekend has been bonkers.

MICHAELSCOTTIT’SHAPPENING.GIF College Gameday is making its long awaited appearance at Iowa State.

THEY ARE COMING TO OUR CITY Sorry if this is overkill.

SOUTH SIDE YEAH YEAH YEAH Sorry if you don’t get this reference.

WHO’S IT GONNA BE?? Georges Niang, Seneca Wallace, David Irving, Dan McCarney, Jake Brend, Monte Morris, George Washington-Carver?? There are so many options for the guest picker!

THAT’S A BUZZKILL Iowa State dropped out of the Top 25 during their bye week.

*TOMMY WISEAU VOICE* “YOU MUST BE CRAZY” What is going on with Antonio Brown??? Here’s a timeline of what is going on.

HIS NEW TEAM, the Patriots kicked the crap out of his old(est) team, the Steelers.

SPEAKING OF CRAP The new look Browns looked TERRIBLE.

TEXAS IS STILL NOT BACK ALL THE WAY LSU and Eddy Magic went into Austin and knocked off the Longhorns in a 45-38 (classic SEC) shootout.

I NEVER FREEZE Colorado beat their former Big 12 foe and proved that their former rival is also not back.

WE WANT TO SEE HIM TOO So maybe you should give him the ball!