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The Mid-Morning Dump: New Years Hangover

Basketball suffers worst loss of the decade right at the buzzer.

GOING DOWN ROUGH Last night, men’s basketball dropped arguably the worst loss of the 2010s right into our laps at the buzzer in a 69-68 defeat to Florida A&M.

HISTORIC Pretty sure this means we’re a blue blood now.

SOME RELIEF The women took care of business against North Alabama.

NEW COACH Former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera named head coach of the Washington Redskins yesterday.

AGAINST THE RHULES The New York Giants have made Matt Rhule their number one target for their head coach, but most people expect him to return to Baylor.

TRANSFERS The Premier League’s January transfer window is now open. Here’s a club-by-club guide for who could be making moves.

DOESN’T MATTER The least consequential athletes of the decade, including Mike Trout.

WE TRAVEL There was a super weird string of fake Twitter accounts that showed up yesterday praising K-State’s supposed turnout at the Liberty Bowl.

However, the turnout for the Wildcats’ loss to Navy in the Liberty Bowl was...less than spectacular.