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Larry’s Lab Report: Oklahoma, Part 1

All of the important stats you need for tomorrow.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back my friends! You may have noticed that this is a different website. That’s right I’m teaming up with Wide Right and Natty Lite so that I can improve my writing skills and reach a larger audience. I’m very excited for this opportunity and ready to present you with the same great info.

Now before we get any further please take 299 seconds out of your day to watch this video:

Isn’t that cool? That’s Hilton. Let’s keep Hilton Hilton and give these young men our support no matter what.

Okay now that I have that out of the way let’s dive into the Lab Report

First and foremost I need to address something. Iowa State is currently sitting on 69 (my graduation year) wins vs Oklahoma which will make Saturday’s victory bitter sweet. There’s been a lot of good games along the way but my top three will always be:

3. Spangler missed layup

2. 2016 upset vs #1 in Hilton

1. You know

If you don’t have 299 seconds to spare I’ll give you a quick recap of #1. This is just from my memory so point totals may be slightly off but you’ll get the point. Iowa State came out and went something like 7-41 from the field in the first half and trailed 19-38ish at halftime. OU then increased their lead to around 41 with 7 minutes left in the game and things weren’t lookin good for ISU until Isaiah Cousins said something about Monté’s mom. He earned a tech and from that point on Iowa State went on somethin like a 45-0 run and won by double digits. It was simply an amazing game and I’ll never forget every little detail.


Moral of the story: basketball moms are saints and you should treat them as such.​

Now that that’s fresh in your mind let’s compare these two programs historically.

Big 12 Tournament Titles:

OU: 3

ISU: 5✅

Sweet Sixteens Last Decade:

Ou: 1

ISU: 2✅

Final Four Losses:

OU: 5

ISU: 1✅

Wins vs Iowa:

OU: 2

ISU: 27✅

Record In 1934-1935:

OU: 9-9

ISU: 13-3✅

It’s easy to see that just like every other team on Iowa State’s schedule we are historically dominant compared to Oklahoma. But what about this season? Let’s compare.

The ugly truth is Iowa State has lost 7 games this season. The good news though is that in those 7 games Iowa State has scored 74, 76, 76, 68, 68, 79, & 53 points. Iowa State has not scored one of those totals vs Oklahoma in a regular season game since January 29th 2011. That’s not even this decade so I am very confident heading into the game tomorrow.

But if you’re not confident yet here are some more next gen stats from this season to convince you:

Top 25 Wins:

OU: 0

ISU: 1✅

Losses to Teams From Nebraska:

OU: 1

ISU: 0✅


OU: 1,042

ISU: 1,095✅

Field Goal % vs Oregon State:

OU: 42.9

ISU: 44.1✅

Minutes Per Game:

OU: 40

ISU: 40.35714229✅

Eric Steyers:

OU: 0

ISU: 1✅

Now that I have you convinced we’re going to win pass your time by watching this on repeat until 7:00 tomorrow night:

Unlucky for us, Spangler finally graduated last season so he won’t be starting any fights or missing any layups tomorrow.


Can anyone even remember the last time we lost to Oklahoma?

Yeah me either have some confidence.

Thanks for making it through my second Lab Report. I hope I managed to make you smile at least a little bit in these difficult times. Please remember that these are 18-22 year olds and nobody is more frustrated than they are right now. The best way you can help them is to show up, be loud, and continue to give them your support.

XOXO- Larry

P. S. You’re welcome