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The Mid Morning Dump: Shutout Edition

Nothing but bright spots from the Cyclones yesterday.

WRESTLING MADE EASY Cyclone wrestling put on a show against Utah Valley last night.

Luckily enough for Utah Valley they have the power of polygamy for consolation.

LIGHT THE TORCH Iowa States own Candelaria Herrera qualified with Argentina for the 2020 Olympic Games for Volleyball.

KEEP EM’ COMING MATE Cyclone defensive end Matt Leo gets a nice boost in a potential NFL run.

BIG SHOES TO FILL The football program is losing some key pieces on the D-Line, here’s a look into what will have to happen to replicate previous years success.

SPOILED RETURN Chris Paul and the Thunder stole the show in Russell Westbrooks first return to OKC.

DRIBBLING SOLD SEPARATELY One year ago today Klay Thompson put on one of the most incredible showings in NBA history.

A NEW ERA With the NFL’s current set of elite Quarterbacks coming to the end of their careers, they are certainly leaving the league in good hands.

SHOTS FIRED Kevin Durant and former teammate Kendrick Perkins threw some shots at each other on twitter last night, KD probably got the best of them though.