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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ames Boi Brings Home Natty

From this Ames boy to Joe, here’s to you. Geaux Tigers

TUSCALOOSAS. Not only did Alabama not make the CFP, they were swept at home by Cyclone Hockey.

RANKED. Our gymnastics team has a successful outing in Arizona and now they’re #12 nationally.

NAKLO/HSIEG DYNAMIC DUO. Naklo/Hseig went down to Orlando and came back with wins, does this count as a partial Camping World dub?

CYCLONE ALL-STARS. Some of our favorite Cyclones ever will play their last snap for the cardinal and gold in the short term future.

BAYLOR GAME NOTES (IOWA STATE). Get learnt about the fighting sloths here.

DRAPEAU BLANC. Clemson kept it close, until Burrow summoned the strength of his Ames Tap Water consuming youth and exploded in the second half.

FIRE BILL O’BRIEN. Don’t think too hard about this, just, let, the, man, go.