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Larry’s Lab Report: Baylor Round 1

Let’s head back to the lab to take on Baylor.

Well folks, it’s time to take a look at everyone’s favorite school: Baylor

It’s easy to write these reports when it’s a school such as TCU or Kansas State, who I absolutely despise, but it’s hard to spin one out about such a respectable school like Baylor.

Iowa State’s basketball team feels the same way which is the sole reason that Baylor has won 8 of the last 11 and 6 in a row in Waco. Iowa State is however currently riding a winning streak vs Baylor and I think that will continue.

My biggest pregame note is that Iowa State is currently undefeated with their new starting lineup and Baylor is only 13-1 with theirs. Iowa State is also averaging 5 more points per game than the Bears who are currently ranked #2 in the nation so a 5 point win can be expected.

Lets compare the 2 teams a little more historically.

All Time Record:

BU: 1364-1374 (losing)

ISU: 1382-1330 (winning)✅

Big 12 Tourney Rings:

BU: 0

ISU: 5✅

Final Four Losses:

BU: 2

ISU: 1✅

Road Wins in Waco:

BU: 0

ISU: 2✅

Win % in 1957-1958

BU: 20.8%

ISU: 65.2%✅

Wins vs Kansas:

BU: 6

ISU: 50✅

Wins vs Iowa:

BU: 1

ISU: 27✅

Once again Iowa State is the historically dominant school but what about the present?

Points Per Game:

BU: 73.7

ISU: 78.4✅

Field Goal Percentage:

BU: 43.5

ISU: 45.8✅

Wins vs #16:

BU: 0

ISU: 1✅

Quality Losses (Top 25)

BU: 0

ISU: 2✅

Points Allowed to Former Iowa Players:

BU: 15

ISU: 2✅

Scott Drews

BU: 1

ISU: 0✅

Triple Doubles:

BU: 0

ISU: 1✅

Iowa State is clearly having the better season despite what the rankings say. If we’ve learned one thing from this season it’s that the AP voters have no idea what they’re doing. My gut tells me ISU: 85 BU: 74 but like I said earlier the most likely outcome is a 5 point ISU win so I’ll go with ISU: 78 BU: 73. Also one other note is that the national media doesn’t want you to see how overrated Baylor is which is why tomorrow’s game will be on ESPN+.

Let’s hope we can keep this winning streak alive and let’s go State!

XOXO- Larry