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The Mid Morning Dump: At Least We Aren’t 0-4 Edition

Things could be worse. At least Iowa State isn’t a cellar dweller.

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BAYLOR MANAGED TO EXTEND THEIR WIN STREAK LAST NIGHT in a very convincing fashion against the Cyclones.

FEW AND FAR BETWEEN there were still some highlights from the game:

FENNELLY HAS FINALLY HAD ENOUGH and last night and decided to let the Big 12 officials know exactly what he thought.

DRESSER AND CO MATCHUP AGAINST SDSU this Friday and here’s what the team had to say:

THE NBA CONTINUES THE TRADITION of being petty and awesome all at the same time:

ALSO IN NBA NEWS: Is the League currently finding itself in a bit of a rough holding situation with where all the contenders are at?

KEVIN WILLARD HAS TURNED SETON HALL INTO A TOP 25 PROGRAM and how exactly has he done that? (Also that win still looks like a good win)

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, TRAVIS KELCE IS A MACHINE but is he also the engine of the Chiefs offense and at the same time, an ultimate cheat code.