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Larry’s Lab Report: Texas Tech Round 1

A preview of the 8th best school in Texas

Welcome back, friends, it’s time to dissect the Red Raiders. It’s hard to believe, but the 8th best team in Texas is actually currently ranked 23rd in the nation. This should be impossible as they lost to the IOWA HAWKEYES but as we’ve seen on numerous occasions this season the AP Poll is broken. Remember, if it ain’t the Larry Poll it don’t matter.

Okay before we get any further let’s talk about something I just mentioned again. Texas Tech lost to the IOWA HAWKEYES on a neutral floor. You know something that’s a fact?

Neutral Court Losses to Iowa:

TTU: 1

ISU: 0✅

While Texas Tech is a laughable team this season it is worth noting that they did do something impressive last year which was making it to the national championship. Well at least that’s what the main stream media wants us to think. I’m here to show you why it was a fluke and really not impressive at all. Here’s a list of the teams they had to go through to get to the Championship:

  1. Northern Kentucky (who?)
  2. Buffalo (not even bison...)
  3. Michigan (Big Ten School )
  4. Gonzaga (not even power five)
  5. Michigan St. (Michigan’s lil bro)

After all of this they finally met a real team which was Virginia who blew them out if I remember right.

Okay so now that we’ve established that Texas Tech has literally NEVER achieved anything impressive let’s see how they stack up historically to Iowa State.

National Championship L’s:

TTU: 1

ISU: 0✅

Big 12 Tourney Rings:

TTU: 0

ISU: 5✅

Series Wins:

TTU: 15

ISU: 20✅

(Picture so Texas Tech fans can understand)

Wins vs Iowa:

TTU: 1

ISU: 27✅

Losses to Baylor:

TTU: 57

ISU: 19✅


TTU: 95

ISU: 113✅

Well folks it looks to me like Iowa State is keeping their streak on historically inferior opponents alive but let’s take at look at the teams this season.

Points Per Game:

TTU: 73.9

ISU: 76.9✅

Quality (Top 25) Losses:

TTU: 2

ISU: 3✅

Points vs Baylor:

TTU: 52

ISU: 55✅

Neutral Court Losses to Iowa (mentioning this one again):

TTU: 1

ISU: 0✅

1st Loser Banners Hung:

TTU: 1

ISU: 0✅

I’m really not sure what to think about Texas Tech anymore. Before writing this I had a little respect for them but now I’m not even sure they belong in the same court as Iowa State. My prediction? ISU 89 TTU 73. At least it’s not on ESPN+ ‍♂️. See you in there!