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New Year, New You: The WRNL Staff Gives Their Resolutions

Time to make some change


Ryan Stivers

It’s been a rather interesting year. I’ve managed to heckle my way into the small pocket of fandom that is Cyclone Twitter. I also was able to start arguments with every fan base from K-State to Baylor to (of course) Iowa. So I guess if I had to make a resolution, I’d probably say.. ... Be less combative towards opposing fan bases in 2020. Try and focus on being more analytical and object minded and less emotional and caring.

Just kidding.

I’ll never quit fighting for my fans. If 2019 was my College Dropout moment where I came on the scene then 2020 is going to be Late Registration, where I cement myself as a voice of Iowa State. That and also getting out more content to you guys from me (possibly something in video form?). Thanks for reading everyone and let’s have a good 2020!!

Levi Stevenson

Another year has passed, and we’d like to once again thank all of you who read the site for all of your support, and for making this site what it is. We literally could not do it without you.

This year, my resolution is to bring you more personalized content that digs into the Xs and Os, stats, and some more of the nitty gritty detail that goes into each game. I started doing that this past fall with the Film Room, and look forward to bringing you more articles in that same vein. News stories are fine and dandy, but the real thought-provoking, conversation-stoking stuff lies in the details, and I’d like to bring more of that stuff to you.

As always, if anyone has suggestions for something they’d like us to dig into or cover more in-depth, then please let us know in the comments!

Aiden Wyatt

First of all, I’d like to say my first full football season as a journalist (of sorts) has been phenomenal thanks to you guys. While being only a senior in high school, I got some big, big plans.

I plan to attend ISU this fall and be the biggest athletic supporter possible. With that being said, my New Year’s resolution is to attend every football and men’s/women’s basketball games starting next school year. I already sit on a 23 home game attendance streak for football, but Prohm and the Twister Sisters will get more love from yours truly in 2020.

Jake Brend

Stage a coup and overthrow Levi. Also try not to get that pissed at ISU basketball and drink less Fanta.

Matthias Schwartzkopf

I will continue to be the best looking here at WRNL. Not that it is very hard to accomplish but it must be done. Got to make up for the lack of Levi’s looks. I also would like to toss out more video content that is so hot that it will melt YouTube right off the internet. So stay tuned for that. Finally, I would like to not jump off a cliff during this basketball season.

Dylan Coon

With my 21st birthday coming up in 3 days, my New Years resolution is to frequent the rusty liver of Campus Town: Welch Avenue. With the recent closing of Mickey’s, which I mistakenly thought was Paddy’s, it came to my attention I know next to nothing about the bar scene in Ames. I’ve heard great stories about the Fajita Man (who showed up to my sisters wedding to make Fajita’s) and late nights Jeff’s Pizza but I’ve never lived it. So if anyone has recommendations or tips on how to survive Welch Ave. and which bars are the best, let me know.

Jared Larson

I just really want to graduate with my journalism and mass communication and sociology degree this May. As a resolution, I’d like to continue producing in depth research articles with the highest level of accuracy before I either find grad school or the next step in my life. Finally, being authentic and true to my personal ethics code will guide my 2020.