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The Mid Morning Dump: Georgia Took Out the Trash Edition

Second day of a new year and Big 12 conference play starts Saturday

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SHOCK AND AWE the basketball loss from two days ago still has yet to wear off, hopefully come Saturday everyone is locked in and ready to play.

SOUTHERN SCUFFLE IS IN FULL SWING and Iowa State 285-lber Gannon Gremmel has advanced to the semi’s with a string of three wins.

JOHNATHAN TAYLOR ENTERED THE HISTORY BOOKS last night by becoming the second player ever to eclipse two thousand yards in back to back seasons. The only other player to do it, had this to say:


DAVID STERN PASSED AWAY YESTERDAY at the age of 77. He gave validation to the professional sport I love. He changed basketball, and to me, he’ll always be an icon.

You really hate to see it. (Takes drink of coffee.)

GET YOUR PICKS IN NOW because a year ago, KenPom correctly predicted 21/32 conference champs. Here’s a look at their picks this year.

NFL COACHING CAROUSEL SEASON has officially started up, take a peak at the top candidates for each newly opened position.