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The Mid Morning Dump: Super Bowl is Set

Oh, and we lost.

THAT WASN’T FUN The men’s basketball team went to down to Lubbock and couldn’t buy a basket in a 72-52 loss.

LOWLIGHTS Watch at your own risk.

THE BETTER TEAM The twister sisters rallied in Stillwater for a 64-63 win.

BUTT BOULVEARD Conor Assalley got a much-deserved scholarship.

HEY, WE KNOW HIM! Marcel Spears Jr. made a name for himself with this play.

CONGRATS TO OUR CHIEFS FRIENDS The 50 year wait is over.

JIMMY G WILL MEET THEM THERE I think it’s safe to say that the best team from the NFC made it to the big game.

GET DIRECTV This is cable Rob Lowe.

WHAT A MILESTONE Patrick Kane recorded his 1000th point last night.

A MEDIA MIRACLE Keith couldn’t have said it any better.