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Larry’s Lab Report: Oklahoma State Round 1

Rebound time


What is up my homies it’s time to get pumped. Oklahoma State is coming to town and it’s a town they have only won in once in the last bajillion years, and I want to see you in those stands tonight.

Yeah this season hasn’t been the best. Yeah I’ve cried. Yeah I miss making 27 threes a game, but gosh darn I’m not ready to call it quits yet. We all know how dangerous this team can be in Kansas City and for that reason I’ll never be done with a season before it’s over.

We’ve seen glimpses of what this team can be against Alabama, Seton Hall, and Oklahoma. There’s a sleeping giant in there and it’s time for it to wake up.

You’re gonna wanna be there when it happens cause it will be magical.

Just think of, or rather watch some of the history we have with Oklahoma State.

Need some more convincing?

Final Four Losses:

OSU: 4

ISU: 1✅

Big 12 Tourney Rings:

OSU: 2

ISU: 5✅

Wins vs Iowa:

OSU: 0

ISU: 27✅

Losses to Oklahoma:

OSU: 86

ISU: 82✅

Marcus Smart Flops:

OSU: ♾

ISU: -1✅

“That Guy:”

OSU: Phil Forte

ISU: Naz Long✅

Once again, Iowa State is historically dominant over their opponent.

Now some facts from this season.

Points Per Game:

OSU: 66.3

ISU: 75.5✅

Points vs TCU:

OSU: 40?

ISU: 79✅

3 Point Percentage:

OSU: 29.8

ISU: 30.9✅

Points Given to Baylor:

OSU: 75

ISU: 68✅

Best Fans in the Country?


ISU: Yes✅

Lets prove me right on that last one tonight. Both in the stands and in the Twitterverse.

XOXO- Larry