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The Mid Morning Dump: I Need More Basketball

It’s Thursday and the Clones don’t play again until Saturday

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ASHLEY JOENS CONTINUES TO COLLECT SKULLS OF VICTORY with another double double performance last night against Kansas State.


CHEF-BOY-R-SOLOMON FOR THE WIN because when Solomon Young found out he was moved out of the starting rotation, he found solace in his joy of cooking.

DOMINATION IN THE BIG 12 DOESN’T COME EASY but for Iowa State a combination of Haliburton and a good supporting cast can change that.

HALL MONITORED - How a mid season meeting with Matt Campbell helped Breece Hall turn his year around.

COACH DRESSER CONTINUES HIS STREAK of convincing me to run through a wall for him:

ZION MADE HIS NBA DEBUT LAST NIGHT and the wait was well well worth it:

ONE OF THE MOST PECULIAR NFL CAREERS COMES TO AN END as Eli Manning announces his retirement from the sport.

NEW HOME WHO DIS - The Raiders have officially moved to Las Vegas and Derek Carr is ready to get rollin.

DE SOUSA WILL BE BACK THIS SEASON but the bigger penalty he may pay could be much more long term.