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Bacon Bits: Iowa State Football Recruiting Notes

A few crootin’ bits

Hey Cyclone fans, I hope you are hungry. Hungry for some bacon because who the hell isn’t always hungry for bacon? Ok, it isn’t real bacon, but this is my feature for Iowa State football recruiting tidbits I have during the week. Anything on my mind or anything that doesn’t go on my recruiting big boards will be posted here as “Bacon Bits”. Whether you like it crispy, chewy or somewhere in-between. There is always something for everyone.

Since the last post, there have been plenty of offers flying out so I will just go ahead and let you know what these new offers mean to all these guys. There were several that I couldn’t catch up with, but I want to tell you about the ones who I did speak with. Not to mention, we had a couple 2021 visitors in Ames this past weekend and I have got the full scoop on how their visit went.

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New Offers

2021 CB Jordan Mukes (Choctaw, OK): “I loved the offer. Iowa State is most definitely a top school for me. I should be going up to Ames in March sometime.”

2022 DT Davonte Miles (River Rouge, MI): “I’m really blessed for the opportunity that Coach Parker has gave me and his coaching staff. I plan on taking a visit with two of my teammates sometime.”

2021 DT Jeremiah Pittman (Arlington Heights, IL): “I was excited to get the offer. Very unexpected since I hadn’t had any contact with them before and it was my first big offer.”

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend Iowa State hosted a key pair of teammates from Nazareth Academy out of La Grange Park, Illinois. Both guys went up together and from the looks of everything and from what they told me the visit went extremely well. Now there were some other visitors who Iowa State had not offered yet but these two were some of the top guys on campus for a visit.

2021 SDE Daine Hanson (La Grange Park, IL): “It was such a great experience it’s hard to put it in words.” And when I asked him about his favorite part of the trip, Daine left out no details saying “Definitely Coach Campbell coming in and individually talking to every player and the photoshoot for sure getting to pick whatever jersey or anything you want. The biggest thing for me is the fact he brought in a total of 15 players and wanted to make a relationship with all of us

He also followed us everywhere we went through the entire 11-6. He Didn’t just leave after introducing himself to the recruits and parents. Coach Campbell is a very genuine guy that wants the best for all of his potential future players and his present players and staff.”

2021 WR Landon Morris (La Grange Park, IL): Landon didn’t have as much to say as his teammate Daine but he did say that “The visit was great. My favorite part was going out on the field and visiting the campus.”