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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Bears are Coming

Positive Vibes Only.

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THE BIG BAD BEARS The Cyclones are hosting the number one team in the country tonight.

TRE JACKSON QUESTIONABLE Iowa State’s backup guard, is questionable tonight, while he is still recovering from a broken nose.

SOMETHING POSITIVE Rasir Bolton earned Big 12 Newcomer of the week honors, after his high scoring week.

THE BLACK MAMBA Even-though the video is blatantly fake, eight year old me will forever think it’s real.

GOOD BOI Michael Bloomberg has ZERO idea of how to pet a dog.

NICK BOSA WILL SAVE THE WORLD Nick Bosa was asked to give a public service announcement about the Coronavirus at Super Bowl media day.

ANTONIO BROWN UPDATE Mr. Brown is once again up to his shenanigans.